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Is It Just Dream To Far – NO, you can own a classic car right now.

Owning a classic car is great fun, but finding your classic car can be difficult. At Autobarn we have a range of classic cars to meet the varied pockets of most. So call us today on 01604 644266 and we’ll help you make the right choice for you and your budget.

Classic cars are a treasure to own and drive.

The workmanship in classic cars is hard to find any more. Some people own classic cars to simply admire and care for them. Others enjoy the ride. Classic car ownership is a pastime enjoyed by car enthusiasts all over the world – and why not you as well?

Whether it's an MGB GT or a Morris Minor Traveller, you can always turn heads with a classic car. Choosing the right classic you’ll need to consider your budget, mechanical prowess and the options open to you:

The 6 main reasons to own a classic

Most of us tend to drive a modern "tin box" around daily. We may have forgotten what it’s like to drive a car that was built thirty or forty years ago. Or, the younger motorist may never have had this experience at all. So here’s our top 6:

LITTLE OR NO DEPRECIATION - Buy wisely and the best classic car you can afford. You should always be able to get your money back and you may well be into a good profit in a few years. Just look how much a Ford Escorts is fetching today, against a few years ago.

NO TAX - (Roadfund) All pre 1973 cars have no road tax fee.

NO MOT - All pre 1960 vehicles are exempt from the MOT test, a saving of around £50 just for the test.

BE DIFFERENT - Have you noticed that everyone is driving a Passatt, or Insignia how common are they? Be different in a classic.

CHEAP INSURANCE - For around £100 you can insure a classic vehicle... however, please note, you may have to have another car as your runaround and you’ll be subjected to limited mileage.


Contact Autobarn TODAY and speak with one of our classic car experts on 01604 644266 or emailing us and we will give you some friendly advise. Alternatively why not just pop down and have a look at the classics we have for sale and discuss your options. We look forward to hearing from you either way.

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