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BMW, Mercedes & BMW Mini Diagnostics

Nowadays BMW's, Mercedesí and Mini's are highly complex machines. All of which rely on at least one or more on-board computer. When a fault develops with the vehicle the computer recognises the problem and registers the details. While warning lights can go on and the car still appears to be driving "fine", ignoring the lights can lead to serious issues, such as engine damage or other component failure. In some instances, this can be a safety hazard.

At the center of Autobarnís BMW, Mercedes and Mini servicing & repair schedules is our diagnostic equipment. The most sophisticated solutions available on the market today. It has to be, to aid our qualified technicians to quickly and effectively diagnose the probable cause to your vehicle in the quickest time possible and thus save you money.

Our fault diagnosis tools ensure we can cover all BMW vehicles from 1986, all Minis from 2001 and all Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 1995 to the present day.

Technology at itís best

At Autobarn we have taken a keen interest in the use of computer based diagnostic and fault finding, investing heavily in the latest equipment to ensure we are able to deal with most BMWís Mercedesí and Miniís on the roads today.

Using the latest manufacturer recommended solutions combined with our knowledge of BMWís, Mercedes and Miniís we are able to read and interpret the results from the vehicle computer, diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable resolution quickly. This ensures we are able to rectify any faults in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We offer the same service as you would get at your dealership, but at times suited to you, and at a fraction of the cost.

So Whatís involved in a Diagnostic Test?

Finding the cause can be a little challenging, as vehicles are so sophisticated a problem maybe created by multiple issues. At Autobarn we are concise that our time is money, which is why we have invested in an Autologic system, the best diagnostic equipment money can buy. This allows our highly skilled technician to undertake a series of checks quickly and effectively.

Our first action will be to undertake verification tests to determine if systems meet proper specifications. These tests will include an analysis of:

Failure in any of these systems may cause the engine light to illuminate and falsely identify a circuit or component as the problem, which could lead to improper or unnecessary parts replacement.

The second test is a pinpoint test checking that circuit or component to make an absolute diagnostic determination. These actions involve:

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