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Take your life into your car iPhone, iPod, Bluetooth, Video & Handsfree

In these days of continued enhancement to technology there is an ever growing need to have all the devises around you, even when your in a vehicle. Autobarn are an authorized Dension Audio Systems installer. Dension is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of pre and post fit car entertainment systems, which allows you to have your iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth and handsfree in virtually any vehicle.

At Autobarn we only use the highest specification models that befit BMW and Mercedes quality.

You can choose almost any electronic devise or bluetooth enabled systems and integrate them into your current in built entertainment system without interference or changes to the vehicle interior. No wires or clips etc.

Problem with charging the phone, playing music from an iPod Ė well itís a thing of the past.

How would you like to be able to play you iPod or USB music through your original in-car entertainment system and use the current display as well? You can.

What about charging your iPod, iPhone, USB or MP3 player? Well you can through your original car stereo.

Now hereís the clever bit. Do you want to control your music devise from your car stereo or even your steering wheel whilst seeing the menu of your iPod or USB on your existing car radio? Well you can.

Safety must be your priority so what about In-car Bluetooth and hands-free connectivity

Having a bluetooth interface that gives you the option to place hands-free calls, stream music from your phone and play/display through your car music system is the way forward and will keep you safe and legal. You can even scan through your phonebook, see who is calling you and read call lists all without touching the phone. So donít get an on the spot fixed penalty or worse put yourself or your passengers lives at risk, there are no excuses.

Seeing is believing Ė your iPhone or iPod on the car radio screen

Autobarn install a Dension IVA or iPod Video Adapter that allows you to watch videos from you iPhone or iPod (including 4G) and view this all on a separate screen whilst your devises are charging.

Using an IVA gives you the option to transmit video to any screen with a composite video input (the yellow jack). Just think this means you could use the original screen in the car, a screen in the rear or even a TV at home.

Having a 3G-enabled iPhone, gives you added functionality and allows you to stream YouTube and TV into the car. You can even transmit to two screens without loosing picture quality.

There you have it the complete package in one. You donít have to leave your music, video or TV behind when you travel. No more itchy hands when the phone rings, just a click and your airborne. Make your journey comfortable and call one of our authorised Dension fitters today on 01604 644266 or email and have us answer any questions you may have.

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