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Increasing the economy and performance of your BMW, Mercedes & BMW Mini

Using the most sophisticated technical equipment, Autobarn are able to undertake economy and performance upgrades using the Autologic system and re-mapping technology. Giving you more power, more engine flexibility and increased fuel efficiency.

All performance tunes are tested to ensure they comply with UK emission laws and in the unlikely event that you require the performance tune to be removed, the process can be reversed without any side effects.

Why would you want to do this to your BMW, Mercedes or BMW Mini?

The software in most vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit) systems is generic and typically written to be used by vehicles in several countries where differences in regulations and emission requirements may enforce compromises. This means that your vehicle may not actually be using the optimum software for the engine and the country your driving in and performance improvements are available.

The objective of the re-mapping is to smooth out the dip in power and refine the performance of your vehicle. As time goes by your car will loose some of the BHP and performance as the car is driven. Having your vehicle re-mapped will give you the benefit of:

About the ECU Upgrades

The upgrades we apply are customised to suit your vehicle, we are not simply tinkering with the setting of your vehicle, the current software is read, copied and saved before a thoroughly tested replacement is applied to the ECU. Once replaced the only difference you will notice is the improvement in response and performance from the car.

Note that not all BMWs, Mercedes or BMW Minis can be re-mapped for performance or economy. Our qualified technicians will be able help answer this questions so please call us on 01604 644266.

Need to smooth out the Fuel price fluctuations?

Performing an engine remap will enhance your fuel consumption due to the improved torque and power that provides greater performance when moving from a standing start or overtaking.

By producing more torque lower down the rev range you can drive the vehicle at half the power you used to achieve the same results, i.e. when you were previously using half throttle youll now be at quarter throttle and when you were previously at full throttle youll now be at half throttle, this itself helps to reduce fuel consumption.

If your primary concern is fuel performance then give us a call on 01604 644266 and let Autobarn help you make the right choice for you.

What do you do to my BMW, Mercedes, BMW Mini?

Most economy and performance tunes are software downloads and there will be no evidence that the engine has been up-graded.

We connect our laptop to your vehicle using our state of the art technology. We will read your cars original data from and re-upload your tuned data. We read the data contained within your vehicles ECU. This is the data that makes up your bhp and torque figures. Data such as boost pressure requests and limits (for turbo-charged cars), airflow ratio, spark timing, torque structure alterations, ignition advance, injection timing and quantity, fuel rail pressure and a number of other engine related limiters.

Once weve read all of this information we write a bespoke remap based on your car strengths, weaknesses and characteristics and repeat the process in reverse.

Do I need to inform my insurance company?

Yes. It is advisable to notify your insurance company of any modifications to your vehicle. Some insurance companies will add a premium to your policy, others will not. Our performance tunes are invisible and it is impossible to detect that the engine tune data has been modified.

Call Autobarn TODAY and discuss upgrading your BMW, Mercedes or BMW Mini on 01604 644266 or feel free to email us with any questions.

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